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My career idea gives platform to the working professionals to assess employee’s motivation, leadership and team building quality. Competitive world forced individuals to excel at work, and every individual has to face fight or flight situation, for survival they have to fight. Individuals who are happy and satisfied with their careers they will be successful and enjoy their work and feel motivated to take up the new challenges. However, individuals who are not enjoying their work feels de-motivated, stressed and faced other several issues: these days people are facing lot of issues in organisation like stress, over pressurised frustration, anxiety, Inferiority & superiority complex. To avoid such kind of issues and to give best performance in your professions it’s very important to have perfect TEAM.

So according to you what is TEAM

First its very important to know TEAM & GROUPS are two different things.

GROUPS It is an organised system of two or more individuals ,who are interacting and interdependent, who have common motives ,have a set of roles relationship among its member and have norms that regulates the behaviour of its member .

TEAM Team are special kind of groups. Members of team often have complementary skills and are committed to a common goal or purpose.

If we are working in good team and good environment than we can enhance our strengths. Things we need to focus are-

Positive Attitude 

Positive attitude is very important at work place. But many times you feel its “IMPOSSIBLE” ,have u ever realised IMPOSSIBLE itself says – “I-M-POSSIBLE”. Instead of being a victim of negative work ,thoughts, environment ,make an effort to face the challenge with full of positive thoughts and assertiveness .Look at your strengths and work on it. Appreciate yourself for positive things.

Personality Development

Personality is dynamic. It play a crucial role to represent yourself. Our personality help us to maintain positive attitude and it will reflects like mirror. Individual behaviour depends on his /her personality, how individual has to behave with his co-workers and in work place. Personality development help you to respond to various situation, it helps to reduce a stress level and how to face challenges with smile.


Self confidence brings the self motivation. To build a self confidence it is important to take best out of you like education, your job experience etc. Individual need to take every task as an important and feel that he/she has to give unique and best result out of this. When this positive energy generates within you it will build up your self esteem and self motivation. You will be passionate towards your work.


Now a day’s people are facing lot of complex at work place. Every individual should keep one thing clear in mind that each and every individual is different and unique from others .Every individual have their own desire, needs ,different lifestyle. Individual has to fulfil these desire according to their own way .If the person was not able to do it or see others are doing it perfectly, he feels helpless and hopeless. Manage your task ,desire ,needs according to your own capabilities .Be confident in every moves.

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