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Now a day’s parents says-what should my child do?

The other person who is slightly more informed and aware says – These days IT sector doing well. So let your child should take computer science stream. It will be beneficial for him. Without asking the child interest, parents say "mera beta engineer banega, ya doctor banega" Is this the actual way you decide about the life time career of child?? NO, definitely not.

To choose the best career option, the starting point is to start from yourself. Child has to understand his choices, interest area, strength and weaknesses."What he actually wants to do?" child has to be confident and assertive in his decision. Asses your aptitude, interest and personality and then start understanding about the career option which suits you the best.

Don't ever judge your career for superfluous reason ie easiest opportunity, friends influence, parents desire or society demands.

Career option never be the forced part in anyone's life. it should only be your personal interest choice.

Many times we have seen that few people get bored or even frustrated, sometimes commit suicide if they land up into a career that doesn't match them.

If you are working in area of your own interest than your performance is also perfect, you feel your work like play and you would achieved every milestone of life. You will be successful in your life.

Now you people might be thinking...What is the right time to choose the career option ?

Well, every time is the right time. For students it can start from IX class onwards (Xth ,XI ,XII). Choices of subjects and activities like SUPW begin at this stage. Once start getting active into extracurricular activities like sports, dramatics, debating and so on. Its right time to enhance yourself.

But for others any time is good time. Even from graduation stage you can enter into the interest area of your own choice like journalism, hotel management, fashion designing, software programming and so on.

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